JebKatre - Online experiments and creative engagements
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JebKatre - Online experiments and creative engagements

Start Date:
Jun 27, 2021 10:27 AM
End Date:
Jul 15, 2021 10:27 AM

Jebkatre’. It is an online workshop for people looking for creative engagement. ‘Jebkatre’ roughly translates to ‘petty thieves’ in English. It embodies the idea that we often use in devising plays, which is to get inspired by someone else’s ideas, movement, images, anecdotes and as collaborators work with each other to create performance material. We started it during 2020 as an attempt to stay connected to our creative self & each other. However, with time, it evolved into a meeting place of skills, stories and reflections.

It is designed as a space to work on our creative intuition through 8 sessions spread across a month’s time. All the sessions are one on one and will focus upon what you are interested in exploring as a performer/creator/artist/human. There are various modules that can be customized to accommodate your needs. The modules include various elements from our work as devisers, writers, actors and performers. Voice work, Character techniques, Physical responses, Breath, Musicality, Embodiment, Creative Stimuli are some of them.


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